Handy Tips on Using The Strongman Tools Angleizer Template Tool

When it comes to those pesky angles and complicated cuts, the Strongman Tools’ heavy duty aluminum angleizer is one of the most versatile tools available on the market. Due to how simple it is to use, both do-it-yourself junkies and weekend project warriors can pick it up in a flash, without having to worry about reading complicated instructions. This means that those small home scale projects can not only get started but be finished on time, as the tedious and repetitive nature of measuring materials and angles, which generally slow you down, can be done with the angleizer. Beyond this, craftsman, woodworkers, and tradesman alike find that it is one of those handy tools that, once you have it in your arsenal, you don’t want to forget it on the job.
What is the Strongman Tools’ Heavy Duty Angleizer Template Tool?
To put it simply, the angleizer is an angle measuring ruler that uses industrial grade premium aluminum. This means that it will not rust or break and is incredibly durable. It is versatile, in that it can be easily adjusted with the four screw bolts that it comes with. To adjust, just loosen up the metal knobs, adjust the ruler to your desired angle or shape and then tighten and trace. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, free instructions, a builders pencil, and a free carrying pouch. It can be used to create angles directly on material like tiles, laminate, slate, brick, and wood. It can make and measure angles for arches, joists, and joints, as well as many others. It is incredibly easy to use and is recommended by home improvement enthusiasts, roofers, tilers, bricklayers, carpenters, builders, and plumbers. The dimensions of the template tool are 12.1 inches x 2.1 inches when it is folded up and 10” x 5” when unfolded completely. It comes in only one color, black.
Tips for Using the Strongman Tools’ Angleizer
  • Place the angleizer down on the material you are measuring first to get an idea of how you will need to go about getting the right angle. From there, adjust each metal knob one at a time, until you get the angleizer into the right shape and size for measuring. Once done, place the angleizer in place, and take your builder’s pencil to make the mark. Cut accordingly.
  • Whenever you go to use the angleizer, make sure to double check whether you need it to be in centimeters or feet. Although generally, if you are just making a measurement line for cutting purposes, you will be all right but for more complicated cuts, you want to be using the right form of measurement.
  •  Although the Strongman Tools’ Heavy Duty Aluminum Angleizer is made out of aluminum alloy and is incredibly durable, you will need to fold it when putting it away. This is just to reduce the wear and tear it gets when being stored in a toolbox.
  • As with any ruler, make sure that when measuring the length or width of your materials, that the ruler lays directly level and across the material. Any type of lift-off or lip will cause your measurement to be inaccurate. This is especially true for complicated measurements.
  • When making the measurement line with your builder’s pencil, you generally want to make the mark on the inside of the angleizer.
  • Due to the angleizer being a customized stencil, make sure you always double check the angles you are duplicating as the slotted rulers will need to be manually adjusted if you are off by a centimeter or two.
  • Make sure that once you have the right measurement, tighten up the metal knobs as tight as you possibly can. This is just simply because the tool does not come with a locking feature, so if the metal knobs are not tightened good enough, the measurement can become skewed accidentally.
Different Ways You Can Use the Angelizer in Your Own Home or On a Project
  • Create a Garden or Do Some Landscaping: ever wanted to add a corner garden box with a wire mesh for climbing vines or accentuate a tree by laying a landscaping design around it? Ever wanted to make a brick path or create a backyard gazebo? The angleizer can help with all of these types of projects. Add in a spot of color by making your own garden beds, adding in retaining walls, or creating wooden trellis’ for climbing plants. You could take this a step further and even add in your own backyard furniture and accessories by creating a wooden table out of reclaimed wood, or a brick/stone bench out of recycled bricks. What’s great about these projects is you can use recycled materials to keep the expense down.
  • Get Those Baking Templates Perfect: ever wanted to try out a fondant cake but don’t want your design to come out horrible looking? You can measure the fondant pieces into perfectly measured templates with an angleizer. No need to worry about whether the fondant will cover the entire cake or not!
  • Make a New Bookshelf or Children’s Toy Box: ever wanted to make a bookshelf or a combination toy box for your kids’ room as a fun way to bond together? You can use the angleizer to make your own without needing expensive materials. All you have to do is get some free plans from the internet, get the materials you want, and start measuring! Once built, you could go a step further and use the angleizer stencil to make a neat design on the side of the bookshelf/toy box.
  • Create a Kitchen Drawer Spice Rack: we all know the annoyance of opening up the cupboard to be met with dozens of spice bottles and the inability to get to the one you want quickly. With the angleizer, you could easily make an inexpensive DIY spice rack that fits inside one of your kitchen drawers. Simply measure out the inside of your kitchen drawer, transfer that measurement onto your materials, and cut away. Once cut, fasten the rack together and place inside your kitchen drawer. No need to spend several minutes looking for the spice you need.
  • Make Your Driveway Beautiful Again: for individuals who have brick driveways, replacing the damaged or missing/broken brick can seem like a tedious job. This is especially true if you have a brick that has cracked at an extremely awkward angle. However, with the angleizer, this tedious job becomes a breeze without hassle as you can measure out the exact shape and size you need. You could take this a step further and even give your driveway a facelift by replacing some of your old bricks with recycled bricks of a different color. You could even put in a pattern or two!
  • Replace Those Old Windowsills: when it comes to windowsills, they may not be a high-traffic area like the kitchen, but they are susceptible to wood rot. If you notice wood rot or cracked paint on your windowsills, it may be time for a full replacement. Luckily, if you use the angleizer you won’t have to remove the window, which makes the entire replacement go that much faster and smoother. This is the perfect project for weekend warriors, DIY enthusiasts, or for those who work out of their home and can’t have their office in limbo for more than a few hours.
  • Create a Barbecue Pit/Brick Oven and Dog House: ever want to make a brick oven, barbecue pit, or a doghouse for your backyard but then never got around to it because you didn’t know what you would need for the materials? Get a step closer with the angleizer, which can be used to make those special angles and double cuts on any of the hard materials you use. This goes the same for the little shed you want in the corner for the lawnmower and the hose. Don’t let small mini-projects like these get thrown to the wayside because of how complicated the shapes are.
  • Create an Intricate Front Foyer With Decorative Tiles: if you really want your home to make a first impression on guests, make the front foyer bold, intricate, and beautiful with a decorative tile collage. By taking multiple kinds of decorative tiles and using various angles and shapes, you can make a striking collage, similar to what a quilted blanket looks like. Not only will guests be impressed with the floor that greets them but the fact that you did it yourself will have them asking questions. Yes, even a small tool like the angleizer can help you take on big projects like this one.
  • Replace Your Kitchen Countertop: the kitchen countertop is one of the most used surfaces in your home, which means that it is subsequent to a lot of wear and tear. Not only is it used for cooking, cutting, eating, working, and even sometimes playing, it is part of a high-traffic area which means it is going to get more use. This means that you may want to think about replacing it or refitting it sooner rather than later. The angleizer can help you make that replacement an easy project to take on without hiring a professional!
  • Build an Outdoor Patio From Scratch: every individual loves an amazing outdoor patio where you can sit and relax after a long day at work, enjoy the summer sunshine, or host a backyard party with friends. However, building an outdoor patio is not necessarily a simple project to take head on if you want to do something that a shape other than a rectangle. With the angleizer tool, you can choose almost any shape or design choice and run with it because the angleizer will give you the measurements you need. You could add in archways, borders, trim, or even a tiered-height system! Plus, since the angleizer can be used on most materials, you can mix and match.
  • Retile Your Bathroom for Fun: when it comes to retiling that bathroom wall or floor, it can be a job that gets put off over and over again due to how tedious it is. Not only do all of the tiles need to be the exact measurement, but the titles have to fit into curved edges, tight corners, and rounded areas. However, it doesn’t have to be a tedious job and you could even do it for fun to change up the look of the bathroom, that’s how easy the Strongman Tools’ Heavy Duty Angleizer makes cutting and measuring tiles. By using the angleizer tool, you save a ton of time on measuring out those awkward tile cuts as you will not have to deal with inaccurate measurements. Instead of trying to calculate, create, and cut every single measurement, just use the angleizer tool instead. No need to hire a professional when it can be done in a weekend!
Why Customers Love Our Angleizer!

The Strongman Tools’ Heavy Duty Aluminum Angleizer is definitely worth the buy as it is incredibly inexpensive and has hundreds of uses. What makes this product better than others on the market is the fact that it is made out of aluminum, as the yellow plastic ones you see from competitors tend to be flimsy and break after a couple of months. This one has a sturdy design, is durable, comes shipped extremely well and all of the numbers are lasered into the product, so they are easy to read. It comes exactly as advertised and will measure any angle in existence, and yes, it does turn into a square! The only gripe that customers have had with this tool in particular is the fact that the metal knobs for the rulers do not lock into place. This means that you have to be very careful with transferring an angle over onto the material you are cutting. However, there is an easy fix for this which I found to be as easy as tightening the metal knobs as tight as possible. Generally this will work well if you don’t knock the angleizer off anything or do not hold onto it too firmly when transferring the angle.

Other customers found that it is a fairly well priced tool that comes with numerous applications and is rugged in its build. Many bought it as a gift or present for loved ones, who absolutely loved it. So it makes for a great gift for any DIYers, carpenters, or craftsman. Some users found that their product came in damaged packaging, however, this is few and far between as it is dependant on the individual seller. Other than this, only other gripe found was that some of the boxes do not come with a “level” in them, which some users were under the impression that one would. A few users didn’t get the carrying pouch that it is supposed to come with.

All in all, the angleizer is a durable and versatile tool that allows you to save some money on the handy jobs that need to get done around your home, office or parent’s house. Repair and maintenance does not have to be an arduous task nor does it have to be expensive if you know where to get the recycled materials you need. With the angleizer, you can fast-track all of the home projects and make them fun again, as hours of measuring will no longer be required just to get the right shape, fit, cut, or design.