Charity Work

Are you an animal lover?

We are too! That’s why we donate shoe covers to help rescue centers with caring for vulnerable animals. Our mission is to make the world a better place through kindness and giving back, so every time you purchase from us, we give back in your name. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting our business!

You can feel good knowing that when you buy from Strongman Tools, not only will your order be delivered on time but also know that part of the proceeds go towards helping these amazing organizations care for dogs and cats in need. We love seeing happy endings like this one where an abused puppy found his forever home thanks to Kind Keepers Animal Rescue. Now he gets to spend his days playing with other pups at their rescue center instead of being stuck in a cage all alone waiting for someone to save him. Without regular donations, there would be many more sad stories just like this one out there today. So let's do something about it together! Let's work together as a community and make sure no animal ever has to suffer again by donating shoe covers today! Every little bit helps these amazing organizations continue doing what they do best - saving lives and making dreams come true!

Who we support

kind keepers animal rescue charity donation for overshoes, boot covers and shoe covers

Kind Keeper No-Kill Animal Rescue

Kind Keeper, Inc. is a No-Kill shelter and animal rescue based in the United States that takes abandoned companion animals as space permits to find them loving homes or foster opportunities while they are waiting for their forever home. They have an onsite medical room and grooming area where their residents receive treatment when necessary with donations from generous donors all around the world who help keep these costs low enough so every dollar goes towards our considerable upkeep of our residents!

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Felines & Canines "Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center"

Felines & Canines "Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center"

The Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center was born out of the necessity to connect overabundance with underpopulation. It was critical develop a program and housing facility that can provide immediate refuge, consistent relocation, and on-going support to animals as well as communities who need us most. This is future of rescue begins now at our center. The Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center founded in 2018. 

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