6 Pack 44lb Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks: (N35) Neodymium



Strongman Tools® Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks are made from high grade Neodymium - the strongest rare earth metal in the world.

Hundreds of uses perfect for; Kitchen utensils, heavy work tools, sheds, filing cabinets, child safety, mechanics, wiring, washing lines, steel doors, cruises, the refrigerator, hanging up decorations and more.


  • 6 x 44LB MAGNETS in the pack with new BIGGER hooks.
  • 6 x ANTI-SCRATCH stickers to protect against surface damage.
  • FREE SHIPPING direct to your door.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE If you decide that you are unhappy with it, simply return the product for a 100% FULL REFUND

Strongman Tools® Magnetic Hooks all have a brushed nickel finish and are made of high grade Neodymium, a rare earth metal which is the strongest magnetic material in the world.

No tools are required to assemble your hooks, they arrive complete and ready to use.

These are our heavy duty 44 pounder hooks, which have a wide 20mm hook opening to accommodate for more objects.

Totally multipurpose, can be used indoors and outdoors, such as; the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, office, lockers, refrigerator or even a cruise.

In fact, anywhere with a metal surface can instantly become a storage solution.

Not only will you get the 6 heavy duty magnetic hooks, you will also receive 6 free 3M protective stickers to protect against surface damage.


Important to achieve up to 44lbs pull strength the magnet needs to be attached to a horizontal surface - imagine the hook attached to a ceiling with a basket hanging from it. Vertical application the pull force is usually 1/3 weaker. Surface smoothness and steel thickness can also have an impact.

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